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We believe every person is worth understanding. Our objective is to provide human understanding to our clients in an accurate, honest and expedient manner with the utmost integrity and compassion.

HuVista's Progress

Iris Hatfield

     The history of HuVista is intrinsically linked to its founder and president, Iris Hatfield. First introduced to handwriting analysis in 1965, Hatfield, like many, was skeptical of its validity. The more deeply she researched the field, the more convinced she became that much of a writer’s personality and character can be determined through handwriting analysis.
     After becoming a Certified Graphoanalyst in 1969, she founded her own business. Through continuous years of studying many different American and European graphological methods, Hatfield has become a highly respected authority in her field.
     Validation studies and experience working with a diverse group of businesses over many years led to the development of the HuVista Analysis System for personnel selection and personal insight. Through the use of this system, HuVista continues to build loyal client base.
     In 1987 Hatfield published her first book, A Question of Honesty, featuring 40 signs evaluating the honesty/dishonesty continuum in handwriting. This was followed by the publication of Write Sayings Right Now which she co-authored with Catherine Beverly, describing handwriting traits in business terms for professional graphologists. She is active in numerous professional associations and has led many training sessions and seminars. In addition, she has donated countless hours helping problem children and inmates at local prisons.
     Perhaps one of the most significant contributions Hatfield has made to Graphology is founding The Human Graphics Center, a non-profit organization devoted to promoting research, information and unity in the human graphics field. In January, 1992, the Human Graphics Sample Library was established to house a collection of handwriting samples for study and research. Under her direction, The Human Graphics Center publishes an educational newsletter and maintains a handwriting sample resource library for its members.
     With over 36 years of experience analyzing over 44,000 individual handwritings, HuVista enjoys an outstanding reputation for providing accurate, personalized service and specialized reports designed to meet the individual needs of its clients.

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