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Frequently Asked Questions

What is handwriting analysis?

Handwriting analysis is the study of personality through the interpretation of written strokes.  The basis for handwriting analysis is that we project our personality into our writing in much the same way as we show our feelings through expression, gesture or body movement.

How does handwriting reveal my personality?

Your writing is as unique as your fingerprint, voice, body and even the iris of your eye!  When you were in school everyone in your class learned to write from the same teacher and from the same textbook, yet, every student evolved his or her own style of writing, which is as unique as his or her personality.  No two writings are exactly alike.  Each time you write a sentence or sign your name, you draw a picture of yourself.  Every writing is a “self portrait” of you.

What can handwriting tell about me?

A professional handwriting analysis can identify specific characteristics and highlight outstanding or unusual qualities that make up your self-portrait.  It can reveal personality traits that are apparent and obvious to you, but also disclose unconscious characteristics that may not be evident on the surface.

How can handwriting analysis help me?

Not only can handwriting analysis improve your self-understanding, it can give you insight into those who are in your personal or business life.  Sometimes we need a deeper understanding of the motivations and personalities of our business associates or our parents, siblings, children, spouses or special friends.  A better understanding can lead to better relationships and smoother communication.

What if my handwriting changes?

You have probably noticed from your own handwriting that it has changed through the years and also can look different moment to moment.  And that’s natural.  As we change our handwriting changes. A certain amount of variation in handwriting is normal.  Like facial expressions that change constantly, these subtle variations in handwriting do not disguise the inner person. Long term permanent changes are also natural as they reflect our growth and development.  Handwriting samples taken through the years provide a visual history of the development of our lives emotionally, physically and mentally.

How can handwriting analysis be used?

It can be used everywhere human understanding is needed. On a personal basis it can be used to increase understanding between people: such as, parents, children, spouses, friends, nanny’s, hired help ----anyone we come into contact with in our daily lives. 

Handwriting analysis is an invaluable human resource tool for businesses. It can be used to evaluate the applicants that are best suited for a particular job, to gain insight on how to work with employees, for team building and to help develop employees to do their best work.

How accurate is handwriting analysis?

Handwriting analysis is not an exact science such as mathematics, but is a subjective science such as medicine or psychology.  Recognized as a science toward the end of the eighteenth century, handwriting analysis depends on research and experimentation and follows set rules and methods. The quality of the work of the handwriting analyst, similar to the medical professional, depends upon the integrity, training, talent and experience of the analyst or company preparing the report. (The analyses prepared by HuVista have consistently been proven to be over 85% accurate.)

Is handwriting analysis legal?

Yes.  The advantage of using a handwriting analysis is that it does not reveal the writer’s age, race, religion or sex.  It is a non-discriminatory personnel tool. Not only is handwriting analysis used by many businesses, it is used by forensic document examiners in the legal system in cases of fraud, forgery or to determine the source of various written documents.

How does handwriting analysis differ from forensic document examination?

Handwriting analysts and forensic document examiners look at many of the same handwriting characteristics, but the two disciplines are quite different.  While the handwriting analyst is concerned with the writer’s personality, the forensic document examiner studies the physical structure and characteristics of a handwriting.  Forensic document examiners are often called as expert witnesses in cases involving forged or disputed documents.  In addition, there have been numerous court cases that have set legal precedence with graphology as to the mental or emotional state of the writer at the time of the writing. (HuVista is primarily concerned with corporate and personal analyses, not forensic document examination.)

If I want a handwriting analysis, who should I select to do it?

Accuracy, thoroughness of the report, experience and accessibility of the analyst, references and confidentiality are some of the issues you might consider when selecting an analyst. HuVista is a full time full service company with certified graphologists that strive to exceed your expectations.

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